DS OIL has raised the industries standard and has established ourselves as the leading manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable Chemicals in the industry.

DS Oil Services has engineered a way to reduce costs so that the Oil & Gas industry now has an option to use a suite of ecologically responsible and impactful chemicals to address these epic extraction opportunities.

And we’ve backed everything with serious research, intensive engineering, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve to provide you better solutions that will improve your bottom-line.

Some of our esteemed clients and partners that are happy with our products and service:

Continental Energy | Distribution Partner – Australia-Asia region

Continental Energy announced today that it has signed an agreement with DS-OIL Services to distribute DS-OIL’s State-of-the Art biodegradable products, in the Austral-Asia region encompassing Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and in the Middle East Region encompassing Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

“We are excited about marketing DS-OIL’s scientifically advanced range of biodegradable products throughout our regions and our initial customer feedback on these products, has been positive.” said Nelson Naidoo, Executive Director of Continental Energy.

C&J Energy Services | Partnership – Saudi Arabia

DS Oil Services Canada Corp. is excited to announce that it has entered in to a discussion with a Saudi based company C&J Energy Services to act as a sales agent in Saudi Arabia.  C&J Energy Services uses DS Oil Services products for coil tubing project for Aramco in Saudi Arabia. C&J is one of the worlds most respected service companies and we are proud to have our products used by C&J. DS will provide technical support when and where necessary in order to facilitate the marketing of our entire suite of products for the Oil & Gas industry.

Aenviro Africa | Partnership – Ghana

DS Oil Services is pleased to announce that has signed an agreement with Aenviro Africa to represent DS in Ghana.

Ajavon Enterprises | Partnership – Togo

DS Oil Services is pleased to announce that it has entered in to a strategic relationship with Ajavon Enterprises who will be marketing our entire suite of products in Togo, Equatorial Guinea, Benin and the Ivory Coast.  Our products are well represented by Ajavon who expects to have its first order shipped in February of this year.

Oasis Financial Holdings | Professional Relationship – Global

DS Oil announces the development of a professional relationship with Oasis Financial Holdings.  Oasis provides client management services for Western companies focusing on growth with Oil and Gas companies as well as manufacturing companies in the Middle East and North East Africa.  Oasis is based in Toronto, Canada and will work closely with the Canadian office of DS Oil Services.

Olayjuwon Chemicals | Reseller – Nigeria

DS Oil Service is excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Olajuwon Chemicals. Olayjuwon Chemicals will endeavour to bring our entire product suite to Nigeria and mainly National Nigerian Petroliam Company (NNPC) for both downstream and midstream activity.

EVE Corporation | Partnership – Turkey

DS Oil services has join forces with EVE Corporation to act as our in country agent in Turkey.  EVE will be responsible for the sales and marketing of the entire suite of DS products in Turkey.

GDS | Partnership – Mexico

DS Oil Service enters into an exclusive Partnership with GDS in Mexico.  GDS is an authorised vendor to Pemex and will provide sales and operational services for the entire suite of DS Oil Services products throughout Mexico.  The partners of GDS come from a variety of industries, including but not limited to the Oil and Gas sector, Power Generation and automotive. 

Arland Associates | Partnership – Untied States

DS Oil Services is proud to announce a newly developed relationship with Arland Associates.  Arland delivers world-class energy and environmental technologies to large energy producers and consumers across the globe.  Michael Flaherty is President and CEO of Arland Associates and has committed to expanding the DS product line in to multiple segments of the energy sector.

Sphinx World | Joint Venture – Middle East and North East Africa region

DS Oil Services Canada is pleased to announce the signing of a joint venture with Sphinx World to collectively market DS products in to the Middle East and North East Africa.

“Sphinx is a strategic partner capable of accelerating our market segmentation strategy introducing the environmental benefits and greater efficiencies of our products to a market looking for these characteristics” says Mike Nowak, CEO of DS Oil Services Canada.

LM Global | Partnership – Asia

DS Oil Services Canada partners with LM Global to market DS products and to potentially license manufacturing rights in South East Asia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Brazil. LM Global is a Chicago based firm with a successful track record of market development in emerging markets.

Contact us at and we would be pleased to develop a strategy that works best for your companies needs. We are changing the game.